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Celebrity Profile – Kelly Knox

Celebrity Profile – Kelly Knox Born: 1984 Significant Work: Winner of Britain’s Missing Top Model Disability: Born without the lower part of her left arm Kelly Knox has never let her disability stand in her way. In fact, the word ‘disabled’ was banned form her household. Kelly was always determined

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Celebrity Profile – John Lennon

Celebrity Profile – John Lennon Born: 1940 Profession: Musician and political activist Significant Work: Member of the Beatles, writing and performing the song ‘Imagine’, a peace protest from his bed with wife Yoko Ono and changing the face of music forever. Disability: Dyslexia, legally blind without glasses In 1945 Lennon

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Celebrity Profile – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Celebrity Profile – Franklin D. Roosevelt Born: 1882 Profession: President of the United States of America Significant Work: The Social Security Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act Disability: Paralyzed from the waist down In August 1921, Roosevelt contacted an illness that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Nevertheless,

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Celebrity Profile – Debbie van der Putten

Celebrity Profile – Debbie van der Putten Born: 1985 Significant Work: Contestant on Britain’s Missing Top Model, a Playboy shoot and she participated in Miss Ability 2007 Disability: Arm Amputee Debbie grew up in a Helmond, a small city in the Netherlands that is more like a village where everyone

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Celebrity Profile – Daniel Radcliffe

Celebrity Profile – Daniel Radcliffe Born: 1989 Profession: Actor Significant Work:Harry Potter film series, Equus stage show on the West End and Broadway. Disability: Dyspraxia The star of the Harry Potter films, Daniel Radcliffe, has recently revealed that he suffers from a mild form of dyspraxia. The star of the

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