Celebrity Profile – Mary Wells

Picture Of Mary WellsBorn:1943

Profession: Singer

Significant Work: Was a member of the Supremes and also had solo hits with the songs ‘My Guy’ and ‘Two Lovers’

Disability: Partial blindness, partial deafness and throat cancer

As a small child Mary Wells suffered a bought of spinal meningitis which left her temporally paralysed and partially blind and deaf. Nevertheless, she didn’t let this stop her from becoming the “First Lady of Mowtown”, achieving numerous chart successes as part of the Supremes and in her solo career. However, during her later life, Mary developed throat cancer. Despite this Mary was always upbeat and courageous stating that: “I’m here today to urge you to keep the faith. I can’t cheer you on with all my voice, but I can encourage, and I pray to motivate you with all my heart and soul and whispers.”

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