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Coming out of the closet, my Journey to recognising my disability

Coming out of the closet: My Journey to recognising my disability Hello folks, today, in honour of Disability Pride month which ended a few days ago I want to share a story that's close to my heart – the story of how I embraced my disability.  I know this is

Championing Love Across Abilities: Celebrating Inclusive Relationships

Championing Love Across Abilities: Celebrating Inclusive Relationships As we look to move towards a more open and accepting society, it's important to celebrate all forms of love and relationships. One area that deserves recognition is inter-able relationships, where disabled and non-disabled people come together as a couple, forming a bond

Embracing Intimacy: My Thoughts As A Wheelchair User On Sex And Disability

Discover the intimate thoughts of a wheelchair user on sex and disability. This article sheds light on the often overlooked topic, challenging societal norms and sharing personal experiences. Explore the importance of open communication, consent, and embracing adaptive devices for a fulfilling and empowered sexual journey. Join us in understanding the diverse desires, preferences, and identities that contribute to unique experiences of intimacy for wheelchair users.