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Symbols and Signs, are they causing a Stigma?

It is often the case that disabled people have lots of decisions made for them, whether it’s what time the carers come to get them up or how fast someone pushes them through their favourite shop! With symbols and badges being used for all disabilities are we creating awareness or

How useful is your Blue Badge in York?

How useful is your Blue Badge in York? York City Council have decided to go ahead with plans to stop access for Blue Badge Holders to pedestrianised areas through the day even though it has stirred up a lot of controversy. The council expanded York’s city centre pedestrian zone and

Accessible Pandemic

Accessible Pandemic By Gemma Price It’s taken a global pandemic to make the world of media and culture become accessible to disabled people.  There has always been many disabled people that are unable to leave the house for prolonged periods of time, if at all, there are also groups who