Celebrity Profile – Michael Phelps

Picture Of Michael PhelpsBorn: 1985

Profession: Athlete (swimmer)

Significant Work: Michael won 8 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Disability: ADHD

Ms Phelps, Michael’s mother, was told when Michael was in kindergarten that Michael couldn’t focus on anything and that he wasn’t gifted. At the age of 9 Michael was put on Ritalin, two years later Michael asked for the medication to stop and after consulting with their family doctor Ms Phelps removed her son from Ritalin.

When Michael was 11, his swimming coach Bob Bowman told his mother:
“By 2000, I look for him to be in the Olympic trials. By 2004, he makes the Olympics. By 2008, he’ll set world records. By 2012, the Olympics will be in New York and …”  

It can be seen that Bob Bowman’s prediction underestimated the talented swimmer (and London!). By 15, in 2000, he was at the Olympics; at 16 he had his first world record; and by 19, at the 2004 Olympics, he had won 8 medals, 6 of them gold and now he has brought home 8 gold medals for America.

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