Celebrity Profile – Pip Brown (LadyHawke)

Picture of Pip Brown (LadyHawke)Born: 1981

Profession: Musician

Significant Work: Paris is Burning

Disability: Asperger’s Syndrome

In a recent interview with the BBC, when questioned about how it is to have Asperger’s Syndrome in the music industry Pip said that: “I don’t really have anything else to compare it to. The music business expects you to be almost like an actor. A crazy, out there, vivacious, happy person. That’s just not the case with me. I’m shy and I don’t like most of the things which are associated with being a musician. I know they come hand in hand, I have an understanding of that. I have routines I need to do before going on stage to chill out. I think the music industry is full of Aspergers people and they just don’t realise it. A lot of true musicians have really shy, weird tendencies. “

Her advice for young people with Aspergers is: “Give yourself time. You don’t need to hurry anything. What you are is awesome. I’m glad I’m not like everybody else. I like having a more sensitive approach to life.”

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