Considerate Parking Campaign

This page contains all the latest information on our Considerate Parking Campaign, remember to check our social media to find out more.  Also, if this campaign directly affects you, then contact us with your thoughts, stories etc, all stories will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Please park considerately: think twice before parking in front of a dropped kerb.

Help us make an accessible Wales for all!


Meet the Coordinator:

Considerate Parking Campaign Coordinator Alice ParsonsCampaign Coordinator, Alice Parsons, will be responsible for managing the campaign. However, this is a team effort and all of the Accessible News team are behind the campaign.  They are dedicated to improving access for people with disabilities and make dropped kerbs easily accessible.

Alice’s role will be to oversee the campaign and coordinate its activities. She will be writing regular posts which will be published via our social media accounts and this section of our website.  Alice has been volunteering for Accessible News for many years, starting as a reporter for our Accessible News Magazine, and moving onto editing it, all while studying for her degree.  Having successfully passed her degree, she is now volunteering more regularly with Accessible News and is therefore a natural choice to lead this campaign.  Alice makes the following comments regarding the campaign:

 Parking over dropped kerbs is a persistent problem for people with disabilities and yet, I’m sure most of us have probably done it at some point. Unless you use dropped kerbs regularly, you may never have considered the consequences of parking in front of one.

Here, at Accessible News, we’ve seen first-hand the impact inconsiderate parking can have on people’s lives. Through our new campaign, we want to remind everyone to think twice before parking over a dropped kerb and we’d really love your help!