Celebrity Profile – Kelly Knox

Picture Of Kelly KnoxBorn: 1984

Significant Work: Winner of Britain’s Missing Top Model

Disability: Born without the lower part of her left arm

Kelly Knox has never let her disability stand in her way. In fact, the word ‘disabled’ was banned form her household. Kelly was always determined to do whatever she wanted, from dressing herself to riding a bike and becoming part of her school’s netball team. From the age of seven Kelly decided that she didn’t want to wear a prosthetic arm and since has made no attempt to conceal her arm.

As winner of Britain’s Missing Top Modelicon_external, Kelly won a contract with Take 2 Model Management and a fashion spread in Marie-Claire with renowned photographer Rankin. Since that, Kelly has carried out a speech for REACHicon_external (The Association for Children with Hand or Arm Deficiency). Also, she helped to kick off an auction of celebrity shoes in aid of Mines Advisory Groupicon_external, a charity dedicated to raising funds for landmine victims.

Kelly exclusively told Accessible News Web Editor Richard Jones that: “Being a role model became ever so important to me.. The children were so inspired and I had such positive feedback from parents, it has actually made me realise how important a role model is…”

Photography by: Shareen Akhtar
Stylist: Marina Samoylenko
Make up: Claire Louise Davey
Hair: Yoko Setoyama

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