Improving Access to Tudor Terrace

Lertter sent to residents of Turdor Terrace and surrounding streets

Lertter sent to residents of Turdor Terrace and surrounding streets

If you have received one of these letters through your door then you must live in or around Tudor Terrace in Aberdare.  We are campaigning to improve the road between the bridge and Tesco and are writing to residents for their input.  We’ve had a great response so far but we are looking for more.

You can see from the gallery above the condition of the road by the bridge in poor weather.  Our aim is to work with local residents, organisations and the council to get this piece of land up to scratch and make it accessible for all.

Accessible News Contact Details

Accessible News Contact Details

If you know more about this area of land please do not hesitate to get in touch using the details above.  We are hoping to resolve this problem to make using the bridge easier for everyone.

Keep your eyes peeled as we’ve got a film coming up soon demonstrating how difficult driving a wheelchair is in this area.

  1. Hello and thank you for your leaflet through the front door of my house in Tudor Tce.

    I would fully agree that the condition of the road in question is in a disgusting state and has been for years, surely in the year 2017 there should not be public areas in this state.

    The road is virtually impossible for elderly and disabled people to use in its present state, even able bodied people have to meander around the super large puddles in wet weather.

    The road would be closed if it was a main route but as it is classed as a ‘back lane’ the council refuses to admit it is their responsibility. Many years ago as a street (Tesco side) we had to club our monies together to buy our own gravel and hire a JCB to make our back lane a safe place to use. So I wish you luck in your quest and hope you have a good result.

    Bev Dunn (32)

    • Thank you so much for your comment and I am so sorry we are only now getting back to you. Could I use your comments in weight of our campaign please. Thanks Richard

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