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While out and about this week in the Aberdare area, members of the Accessible News team met up with the residents of Broniestyn Terrace. These residents are affected by the terrible state of the land to the rear of the local Tesco store.

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As you know, we are running a campaign to improve this area and will be redoubling our efforts over the next few weeks, working with all parties to get a positive result. We are working towards getting the land repaired, the holes filled in and the surface made suitable for everyone to walk over. Our end goal is for the local authority to adopt the land, in order for that to happen it has to be brought up to an acceptable standard.**

We also reported three cars causing an obstruction on the pavement in Depot Road, Aberdare. This is not the first time we have written about this and the issue of cars parking inconsiderately in this area, and it is still happening. The police are now aware that the cars have been parking inappropriately in this area *** and we will also be talking to the relevant department in Rhondda Cynon Taff council.

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If you see people parking inappropriately or inconsiderately then please email info@accessible-news.co.uk so we can share your experiences, with the relevant authorities and keep this as a live issue.

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