Celebrity Profile – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Celebrity Profile – Franklin D. Roosevelt Born: 1882 Profession: President of the United States of America Significant Work: The Social Security Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act Disability: Paralyzed from the waist down In August 1921, Roosevelt contacted an illness that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Nevertheless,

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Celebrity Profile – Debbie van der Putten

Celebrity Profile – Debbie van der Putten Born: 1985 Significant Work: Contestant on Britain’s Missing Top Model, a Playboy shoot and she participated in Miss Ability 2007 Disability: Arm Amputee Debbie grew up in a Helmond, a small city in the Netherlands that is more like a village where everyone

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Celebrity Profile – Daniel Radcliffe

Celebrity Profile – Daniel Radcliffe Born: 1989 Profession: Actor Significant Work:Harry Potter film series, Equus stage show on the West End and Broadway. Disability: Dyspraxia The star of the Harry Potter films, Daniel Radcliffe, has recently revealed that he suffers from a mild form of dyspraxia. The star of the

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Celebrity Profile – Aimee Mullins

Celebrity Profile – Aimee Mullins Born: 1976 Profession: Model, actress and athlete Significant Work: Set Paralympic records in 1996 for the long jump and 100 metre dash, catwalk model for Alexander McQueen, featured in Dazed magazine’s Fashion Able edition and appeared in Cremaster 3 and The World Trade Centre. Disability:

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