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About Accessible News

Accessible News is a disability news and information organisation. We are a non-profit group which specialises in fundraising, campaigning and supporting people with disabilities as well as spreading disability related news and information throughout South Wales.

Founder Richard Jones

Founder Richard Jones

Set up by founder Richard Jones in 2007 Accessible News has been involved in lots of activities scuh as campaign to improve access to town centre, improvements to a play areas and hosted several fundraising events for our designated charities.

The website is under development, as we are planning to re-launch the organisation late 2016. On this website we will be providing lots of disability related information, news, events and much more. We will also be setting up a blog providing up-to-date information on the work carried out by Accessible News and Richard Jones.

While the website is developing we are looking for volunteers, people who are interested in fundraising, campaigning, supporting others. We are also looking for ideas, if you think you have something that we could get involved in, a charity we could give coverage to, a cause we could campaign on, get in touch email info@accessible-news.co.uk.